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Top picks in the world of SUVs and Sport Utility Vehicles.
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10 Best Inexpensive -- OK, Cheap -- SUVs and Crossovers
You've got your heart set on a new SUV, but you're not comfortable shelling out $50,000 or more for your dream vehicle. Well, right now, you're in luck, because loan and lease rates have never been lower, and there are some very good SUVs and crossovers on the market with base prices below $25,000. Here's a list from Jason Fogelson, About.com's...

The Best and Worst SUVs
This article from Jim Walczak, About's Guide to 4-Wheel Drive/Offroading, compiles some great resources about used SUVs, from the best vaules to the worst mechanical nightmares.

Best Residual Values
This article from Cars.Com ranks the Top 10 Best Residual Values for 2005 SUVs. These numbers are just estimates, based on the assumption of average mileage and condition over three years of ownership, but it's a good list to consider as you shop for a new or used SUV.

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