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Top Five SUVs and Crossovers Under 25K


SUVs are expensive, and getting more expensive all the time. But there are still a few excellent vehicles out there, and you get more for your money nowadays than you ever did before. Features that used to be considered luxury are now standard equipment on many SUVs and crossovers, even on those with very reasonable prices.

We're going to draw an arbitrary line in the sand here today at the $25,000 mark. In order to qualify, an SUV or crossover must be available with a base price (before options, delivery, taxes and license fees) under $25,000 when equipped with an automatic transmission.

Take a look at the Top Five SUVs and Crossovers Under $25,000, and let the debate begin.

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Honda CR-VToyota RAV4Nissan RogueHyundai Santa Fe
Mazda CX-7
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