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The Best Large Luxury SUVs of 2013 (Base Price Over $50,000)


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The Best Large Luxury SUVs of 2013 (Over $50,000 Base Price)
The Best Large Luxury SUVs of 2013 (Base Price Over $50,000)

The Original Luxury SUV -- the 1971 Range Rover

Photo © Land Rover

Luxury SUVs command a lot of respect, attention and money. Driving a luxury car says to the world that you’ve arrived; driving a large luxury SUV says that you’ve arrived and that you’re in charge. For the purposes of this ranking, an SUV needed to be classified as "Large" by the EPA, with a base price starting over $50,000 for the 2013 model year.

Large Luxury SUVs used to serve as flagships for manufacturers, but with the recent downturn in the economy and the escalation of gas prices, large luxury SUVs have been somewhat demonized. Still, for luxury customers who need the capability of a full-size SUV, large luxury SUVs can be a smart choice.

We've evaluated the latest generation of full-size SUVs, and have come up with this list of the Best Large Luxury SUVs.

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