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The Ten SUVs with the Best Fuel Economy


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Introduction - The Top 10 Fuel-Efficient SUVs
The Ten SUVs with the Best Fuel Economy
Sarah Larson/Fllickr

I’ve revised our list of About.com’s Top 10 Fuel-Efficient SUVs for the 2011 model year. In order to make the list, a vehicle must be a 2011 model. I've based the ratings on the official U.S. government source for fuel economy information, FuelEconomy.gov.

There were very few surprises this year. Vehicles with hybrid powertrains dominate, and beyond that, small engines and compact dimensions contribute to higher ratings. Remember, your results may vary, depending on your driving habits, the conditions in which you drive, and other factors. But rating each vehicle relative to the others in its class levels the playing field somewhat. So even if you'll never achieve 31 mpg in your SUV, you'll probably get better fuel economy out of the higher rated vehicles than you would in the lower rated vehicles.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most fuel-efficient SUVs of 2011.

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