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Fuel Economy

Articles about Fuel Economy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates, and how to save fuel while driving your SUV.
  1. EPA Estimates (4)
  2. How to Save Fuel (3)

Top 10 Top Ten Fuel Efficient 2012 SUVs and Crossovers
Fuel economy matters, especially when you're driving a Sport Utility Vehicle or Crossover. Here's a roundup of the Top Ten Fuel Efficient 2012 SUVs from the SUV, Crossover and Minivan experts at About.com.

The Ten SUVs with the Best Fuel Economy
Here's a list of the top 10 most fuel-efficient SUVs from Jason Fogelson, About.com's Guide to sport utility vehicles, crossovers and minivans.

What is the Gas Guzzler Tax?
The Gas Guzzler Tax is a graduated Federal excise tax that is added on to the cost of new vehicles that don't reach certain fuel economy standards. Are SUVs subject to the Gas Guzzler Tax? Examine the issue with Jason Fogelson, your Guide to Sport Utility Vehicles at About SUVs.

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