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Dig deeper into sport utility vehicles, crossovers and minivans


Here's the place to dig deeper when you're ready to choose your next sport utility vehicle, crossover vehicle or minivan. We've got articles about how to buy, drive and maintain your SUV, CUV or minivan. Written and edited by Jason Fogelson, your Guide to Sport Utility Vehicles, crossovers and minivans at About.com SUVs.
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Buying Advice

When you're ready to buy your next SUV, what are the first steps? Start here for tips and tricks.


SUVs and crossovers can be equipped with a remarkable array of safety features. Here are some tips on which ones to look for, and how to evaluate safety.


It's easy to add accessories to your SUV. Here are some articles and links that will help you decide what you need, what you want, and what you absolutely must have, sorted by category: interior, exterior, performance, suspension and tires and wheels. Compiled, tested and reviewed by the Sport Utility Vehicle experts at About SUVs.

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